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A Legacy of Faith and Leadership


~Pastor LiLi

A Future of Faith and Leadership

Pastor LiLi

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

Pastor LiLi, is the Granddaughter of the late Honorable Dr. B.L. Gregory (The Founding Pastor of True Gospel Miracle Church). Even in her youth, Pastor LiLi assisted her “Granny” (as she so lovingly called her), Dr. B.L. Gregory. She assisted with the creation of Church and Pastoral Anniversary programs, chauffeured the Pastor and personally assisted with whatever else Dr. Gregory needed.  Even though Dr. Gregory called it “work”, to Pastor LiLi, it was simply fun helping and being around her grandmother.  

At the tender age of twelve, Pastor LiLi recalls being baptized by Dr. Gregory at Pastor LiLi’s Paternal Grandmother’s church, during a great rival ran by Dr. Gregory. The service was old school and Pastor LiLi was baptized in the church’s basement. There was no official baptismal pool, but a metal tub.  Pastor LiLi tarried for the Holy Ghost with the Saints as they sang “Come by Here Good Lord”.  Pastor LiLi began to take her spiritual walk more seriously and respected leadership.  She witnessed many miracles throughout the years, that the Lord did in her Granny’s life, providing an awesome example of trusting and serving the Lord.

When Pastor LiLi went off to college she began to wonder about the scary and sinful “world” she had heard of all these years, as some young people do when they leave home.  Pastor LiLi decided that church was not going to be her priority. She later enlisted into the Army, as a Medic and is now a Gulf War Veteran. Encouraged to work at the VA Medical Center when she returned from the Army, it would be years before she realized that her path was God Ordained. Pastor Lisa completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.  However, upon the encouragement of her Granny, she decided to return to the medical field.  While working at the VA Medical Center she was blessed to complete her Associate Degree in Nursing.  She went on to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master’s of Science in Nursing and ended with her Doctor of Nursing Practice at University of Missouri. During this time in her life, Pastor LiLi was blessed with three wonderful children from her marriage. 

Of course during this time, the Lord started pulling at her heart strings, it was time to return back and make Him her priority.  She recalls that glorious day of going to the altar and surrendering her life back to Jesus.  She served as a True Gospel Miracle Church Usher and began to assist her Granny as she once did in her youth.  Serving was just in her nature. Several years later, the Lord pulled on her heart strings with another calling, to serve as a Minister.  The profound way He called her with many witnesses could never be denied. One week in Summer of 2005, on a particular Sunday, she said “If Dr. Gregory sings ‘Walk with Me Lord’, I will yield”.  During the altar call, Dr. Gregory sang her usual song, “You Don’t Know Me Like The Lord Do”.  To Pastor LiLi’s amazement, Dr. Gregory stopped and began singing “Walk With Me Lord.”  Pastor LiLi knew she must surrender to the Lord’s call.  She never thought she would have this title in her name.  She said, “When there is a calling, the Lord orchestrates your path.” 

Pastor LiLi has the amazing testimony that her retirement, from the VA Medical Center landed at the exact time of the start of her Pastoralship of True Gospel Miracle Church!  She knows that the mantel passed to her is of great importance to the Kingdom of God.  She believes in empowering everyone she meets – “With the Lord, they can live spiritually and great, in all aspects of their lives.”  The Lord has given her the vision: “Preach, Teach, and Reach” through Him.  She believes we must reach people where they are… encourage them that they CAN, with Christ.  She believes even in today’s culture; the love of Christ should be forefront in drawing those to Christ.  She agrees with Maya Angelou’s quote, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Dr. B.L. Gregory

“Then Jonathan said to David, To morrow is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty” 1 Samuel 20:18

Dr. B.L. Gregory, born in Connersville, AR, overcame early childhood challenges and was filled with the Holy Ghost in 1963. Under Bishop P.L. Scott’s mentorship at Lively Stone Church of God, she was baptized and ordained as an Evangelist, sparking a lifelong dedication to soul-saving ministries and powerful revivals across denominations.

In 1978, answering God’s call, Dr. Gregory established True Gospel Church in Wellston, MO, starting with just 12 members in a humble store-front building. Her vision and leadership led to acquiring land and constructing the church on Benham Rd. Remarkably, under her financial guidance, a $3,000,000 loan for the church was paid off in just 3 years.

Dr. Gregory’s contributions extended beyond the pulpit to personal and community service, touching lives in hospitals, prisons, and during times of bereavement. Her dedication earned her an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Aenon Bible College in 2002. Recognizing the miraculous journey, she renamed the church to True Gospel Miracle Church in 2007.

A proud mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Dr. Gregory’s 49 years of faithful service left an indelible mark. She transitioned on January 3, 2020, leaving a legacy of unwavering faith and a foundation for future generations.


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"A Doctor for sin sick souls"

Dr. B.L. Gregory

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